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Shrink wrap, stretch film and polyethylene bags


POLIPLAST – MARADZHIEV LTD. is specialized in the production of high quality shrink wrap, stretch film and polyethylene bags. The company has its own manufacturing facilities and transport. Its suitable location promotes product delivery to the client’s ex-works within the shortest possible term.

Prices and quality

The company’s price policy has been formulated according to the current prices of our main suppliers. Since January 16 2018 POLIPLAST – MARADZHIEV LTD. has acquired and maintained a management quality system DIN EN ISO 9001:2015.

The strict supervision of the manufacturing process guarantees certification of the required characteristics.


Thanks to the excellent quality of its products and competent staff POLIPLAST – MARADZHIEV LTD. has established itself an important partner for many Bulgarian manufacturers. In 2014 the company constructed and put into operation new manufacturing facilities with an area of 14 000 square meters.